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Advancing Utopistics: The Three Component Parts and Errors of Marxism (2007)
“Tamdgidi sets a benchmark for Gurdjieff Studies in relation to two recognized but
insufficiently explored areas, his writings as a unified field and his exploitation of
hypnosis in its broadest sense. His compact interpretation of Gurdjieff emphasizes—for
the first time—a search for meaning based on recognizable keys within about 1,800
pages of Gurdjieff ’s four texts as a single body of work, with particular focus on
subliminal and subconscious dimensions of impact and interpretation, an approach
which might be termed the ‘Hermeneutics of Gurdjieff.’ Thus, Tamdgidi’s work is an
important original contribution to the constructive, independent, and critical study of
Gurdjieff ’s four books. Anyone who has seriously attempted to read Beelzebub’s Tales
or Meetings with Remarkable Men can vouch for their intentionally beguiling or
‘hypnotic’ effect. These readers will appreciate Tamdgidi’s interpretive virtuosity
and focus—he keeps each tree and the entire forest in sight throughout.”
—From the Foreword by J. Walter Driscoll, independent scholar and bibliographer;
editor and contributing author, Gurdjieff: A Reading Guide , 3rd Ed. (2004);
contributing editor, Gurdjieff International Review (1997–2001);
co-author, Gurdjieff: An Annotated Bibliography (1985)
“A wondrous odyssey and extraordinary argumentation! Nothing in the corpus of
writings on Gurdjieff's works goes near to matching this masterful reading.
Each time one looks back into the text, one finds more gold, no dross.”
—Paul Beekman Taylor, Professor Emeritus at the University of Geneva,
and author of G . I. Gurdjieff: A New Life ; Gurdjieff's Invention of America ;
The Philosophy of G. I. Gurdjieff ; Gurdjieff & Orage: Brothers in Elysium ; and
Shadows of Heaven: Gurdjieff and Toomer
“In the ocean of literature on Gurdjieff, the brilliant book of Mohammad Tamdgidi
has a very special place. It is the first serious academic attempt at a hermeneutics
of Gurdjieff's texts, taking as key the core of Gurdjieff's teaching—
the enneagram. Of course, Gurdjieff's teaching cannot be understood apart
from its practice. But it is also true that this teaching cannot be understood
without a rigorous study of the writings of Gurdjieff himself.”
—Basarab Nicolescu, author of Manifesto of Transdisciplinarity
A Hermeneutic Study
Foreword by J. Walter Driscoll
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Copyright © Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, 2009
Foreword © J. Walter Driscoll, 2009
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