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Running Injuries
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Medical Disclaimer: The information in this book is intended as a general guide,
and in no way should be seen as a substitute for your doctor’s own advice. All care
is taken to ensure the information is free from error or omissions. No responsibility,
however, can be accepted by the author, editor, publisher, or any other person
involved in the preparation of the material for loss occasioned to any person
acting or refraining from action as a result of the published information. Before
commencing any new health program, diet or exercise, always consult your doctor.
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Running Injuries
Treatment and Prevention
Jeff Galloway & David Hannaford DPM
Meyer & Meyer Sport
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Jeff Galloway, David Hannaford
Running Injuries
Maidenhead: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd., 2010
ISBN 978-1-84126-284-0
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Maidenhead, Olten (CH), Singapore, Toronto
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Sport Publishers' Association (WSPA)
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ISBN 978-1-84126-284-0
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