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Christine Felstead
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Felstead, Christine.
Yoga for runners / Christine Felstead.
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1. Running--Training. 2. Yoga. I. Title.
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I dedicate this book to that global community bonded by a love of
running. May it inspire you to marry your passion for running with
the practice of yoga and maintain an openness to the potential of your
mind, body, and spirit to produce the outcomes you seek.
Christine Felstead
Pose and Sequence Finder vi
Introduction x
A Fit Body 1
Running Injuries 45
Feet, Ankles, and Knees: Stabilize Your Foundation 55
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Core Strength: Maximize Your Running Performance 99
Quietude and Relaxation: Restore and Recover 171
Yoga Sequences 183
Yoga Off the Mat 227
Yoga and Injuries 243
About the Author
Contents | v
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